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Welcome to this short design freeze video and I would love to quickly introduce the different formats we are having here in the studio for debates. So number one is this black room scene where I could just be here in this part of the picture and talk a little bit. And the next future is actually that we could add up on some text or graphical elements in the corner above myself and I even have the right direction to look up on so it's our Willy augmented like that is the second setup up the third set up is what you would normally have in a loom or loom environments. And I will do this with OBSS but you could do something like I just ate some PowerPoint slides here and now you can see the difference to augmented by the way the PowerPoint must be in front of me. So this is the limitation we are having but does metaphors. So I will be in the corner and try to avoid touching my PowerPoint presentation or whatever. So it could be like that if I have standardized slides so hoping for the final design master for PowerPoint.

Of course as well.

Number four it would be a so-called close up if I have any kind of motivational inspirational phrase or talk. I want to give then a short session with me with a lecturer in the front would be. Number four. You have seen already the light room set up and I just embedded here runs again to make sure that you still like it. So this is also in the black room and the big potential of the big potential is that I draw in front of the audience so we can slowly develop a picture. And it's a little bit more fun than doing that maybe in a different way of course it's just trying it out.

And maybe also gather some feedback about this short technology or light technology design the setup is the classical loom setup even done with room now but you can see I still have the studio environment camera lightning microphone and so on and can present in this setup with a classical way talking head style.

Ok. Let me summarize the different setups again for you so no one was the black room set up like this just talking heads and focus on the lecturer and the content. Number two is this set up including different augmented elements as you see the text upcoming over there. Number three was the PowerPoint embedded here in this black room number for the light room are set up as you know it from other software tools we have the light board and we have the classical or room approach with a talking hat looking for it.

And happy New Year.

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