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Your company’s knowledge is its most valuable resource. 

eduBITES helps companies to capture and share knowledge and employees to learn in the flow of work. At eduBITES, we make knowledge accessible by transforming it into ever-evolving always up-to-date learning experiences.


Thanks to a unique blend of AI, synthetic media and a human touch, we unlock knowledge wherever it lives: be that in documents or people’s heads. To make learning happen, we provide engaging and fun approaches to sharing knowledge.


Capturing and transforming knowledge, eduBITES provides companies with their own bespoke digital corporate academy.

Supporting the most pressing knowledge and learning issues of corporations: offboarding (baby boomer “sliver tsunami”),  onboarding, the knowledge transfer from experienced employees to new talents, as well as retraining and upskilling employees for today’s corporate needs.


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Products & Services

To help turn your company into a learning organization, we’ve developed three unique AI powered suites:

Our interactive knowledge capture suite unlocks the potential of your company’s knowledge wherever it lives; be that in old documents or the minds and daily behaviors of your high-performing employees.


Turn teaching, learning, and sharing knowledge into habits that stick.

Our knowledge transformation suite uses best-in-class AI tools and synthetic media avatars to author and produce bite-sized learning content. Communicate in various languages, standardize contents across regions and departments, and keep them always fresh at the push of a button.


Our knowledge management tools provide learners with an interactive platform where company knowledge lives, making it easy to find the answers to pressing questions on demand.

Be it for off-boarding, onboarding, product trainings, partner or client training, customer success, sales enablement, or entire corporate universities – eduBITES provides a flexible solution to empower your employees and drive business performance.


Our knowledge sprints

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The eduBITES iOS & Android App

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Microlearning (5, 10 or 15 min) of content (Video, Audio, Text) that fit with your busy life for the best and most sustainable learning outcome.


We use synthetic media avatars and AI to create intelligent new learning modalities and ensure content freshness.


Engaging, interactive quizzes and a playful approach: as entertaining as netflix, but x-times higher return on invest.


Learning your way. Choose between formats like podcasts, videos, text and more. From just the facts to fun and engaging content – we've got you covered.

Companies trust in eduBITES

eduBITES is dedicated to make learning happen through the intelligent repurposing of knowledge, engaging content, progressive technology and meaningful didactics.

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