With entertaining bite-sized, multimodal & multilingual mobile optimized courses covering a range of hot topics

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eduBITES is Reshaping education for the modern world

eduBITES' Snackable Content Fits the Busy Lives of Modern Learners

Our intelligent content model, synthetic media, & AI ensures that you get the most up-to-date content, anytime, anywhere

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eduBITES Provides the Right Content via the Right Medium

Web, Mobile, AI, VR, AR. Content & context is a cornerstone of the eduBITES solution

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Digital Learning Evolved

eduBITES transforms your learning routine from duty to joy. Got a spare 15 minutes of time commuting to work, to university or sitting on the couch? eduBITES helps you to learn and progress at a sustainable pace!

We make yet unseen expert knowledge accessible and turn content into an ever-evolving, always up-to-date medium through the use of synthetic media and AI.

Making eduBITES, convenient and entertaining, accessible anywhere, anytime.

A Taste of eduBITES

What is eduBITES?

The eduBITES iOS & Android App

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Short chunks (5, 10 or 15 min) of content (Video, Audio, Text) that fit with your busy life for the best and most sustainable learning outcome


We use synthetic media avatars and AI to create intelligent new learning modalities and ensure content freshness


Engaging, interactive quizzes and a playful approach. Entertaining as netflix, but x-times higher return on invest.


Learn anytime, anywhere. Keep track of your learning progress and chose the format that is best for your context: video, audio, interactive or quiz-oriented


Learning Wherever you are, Whatever Mood you are in

We’re designing a learning experience from scratch to deliver the most recent, cutting edge educational content in bite-sized learning chunks directly to your mobile phone. Highly specialized, interactive, university- or job-related and entertaining. And we reward your curiosity and effort with university mini-degrees.

eduBITES provides a new university and corporate learning experience.

In response to our quickly changing world and the need for continuous learning, we work with the best professors and industry experts all over the world to provide the most actual educational content with the fastest-time-to-classroom. Carefully curated and quality-assured by University partners!

We believe that combining theory-based learning with work-based practice delivers the best and most sustainable learning outcome and impact on your life. That is why each course on eduBITES is based on our unique didactical model, combining lectures from industry experts and professors with inspiring reading or video or audio material, interactive quizzes and self-learning section asking you to transfer theory into practice. To deliver the best learning outcome for each individual learner.