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eduBITES turns knowledge into content

Dive into the future of learning where your company’s untapped knowledge becomes its greatest asset. Our advanced AI technology doesn’t just capture the hard-to-define skills and insights that thrive within your team – it transforms knowledge into dynamic, engaging multimedia learning experiences that seamlessly integrate into your team’s daily work.

At eduBITES, we make the invisible visible and the unspoken loud, empowering your organization with the deep human knowledge that drives success and innovation.

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If Siemens only knew, what Siemens knows

 Heinrich von Pierer, Siemens CEO (1992 – 2005)

How eduBITES Impacts Sales Teams

Unlock and Share the Knowledge of Top Talent

More than 80% of a company's knowledge is locked in the heads of its employees - unlock it with eduBITES. Our AI easily captures the best practices of your top sales performers' transforming their in-depth, real-world knowledge into easily shareable micro-learning videos. Now, your top experts can quickly capture, transform, and disseminate their invaluable insights across your sales teams.

  • Easily share best practices
  • Capture knowledge of the ‘living’ sales process
  • Extract deep actionable business intelligence

Boost Sales Efficiency with eduBITES

65% of a salesperson's time is spent on non-selling activities (Forbes). eduBITES tackles this inefficiency by enabling sales teams to effortlessly share their practical sales knowledge. Once recorded, this crucial information is integrated into an accessible knowledge base, streamlining the process of saying it once, capturing it, and sharing it throughout the team.

  • Easily share real-world sales insights
  • Centralize and standardize vital information
  • Fast-track new hires with ready-to-use knowledge.

Safeguard Against Sales Team Turnover

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring daily (IR Global), companies face the risk of losing up to one-third of their salesforce over the next five years. To mitigate this significant threat, it's crucial to implement strategic knowledge offboarding. eduBITES ensures the capture and retention of valuable human capital, like sales insights, strategies, and expertise, to benefit both current and future teams.

  • Reduce time to competency for new hires
  • Preserve and share valuable experiences
  • Foster a culture of sharing & learning across teams

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Our Suites

Knowledge Capture

Quickly unlock and utilize your company’s hidden insights with our Knowledge Capture Suite. Effortlessly dive into documents and tap into the minds of your top talent. Our Knowledge Sprints tool, guided by advanced AI, helps you rapidly identify and share critical knowledge from your company’s experts.

Knowledge Transformation

Transform company knowledge into captivating content with ease. Our production tools use AI scriptwriting and synthetic media avatars to create engaging videos, audio, and text. Quickly produce quality learning materials without the need for a large L&D team or hefty production costs.

Knowledge Hub

Our Learning Experience Platform (LXP) is designed to simplify learning by providing access to engaging experiences, detailed analytics, and learner management. This modern and intuitive platform is crafted to accelerate learning engagement across your organization.

Introducing Knowledge Sprints

The first AI interview tool specifically designed to capture and leverage the knowledge of your employees.



Knowledge Sprints offer a dedicated on-call AI-Consultant, specifically designed to interview your experts and extract their tacit and implicit knowledge.


Powered by artificial intelligence, state-of-the-art large language models, automatic speech recognition, and natural language processing technologies enhance engagement through dynamic conversational knowledge capture.

Tailored to you team

Sprints are fully customizable to any industry or topic. Choose from Knowledge Sprints that cover standard industry topics or create your own tailored specifically to your organization, department, team or expert.

Room to grow

Capture knowledge at the source be that one SME or 100 front-line workers.


Select your preferred language with Knowledge Sprints, available in English and German, with additional languages coming soon…

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Our Sales Knowledge Sprints

Effectively Closing Deals

Upselling and Cross-selling Strategies

Sales Leadership Strategies

Overcoming Customer Objections

Social Selling on LinkedIn

Strategic Storytelling in Sales

Value Communication for Diverse Audiences

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Platform pricing


Our starter package
/one time fee
Select 2 (from 5) eduBITES Sprints (German or English)
Enroll up to 10 Subject Matter Experts into each Sprint
Receive 2 videos (5-12 min each) based on your team's responses; AI enhanced, produced with synthetic video
Access to videos through eduBITES learning platform for up to 20 users
Export of the final videos (mp4) and original responses (text)
Explore with 20 users up to 6 weeks


For teams & companies of all sizes
Access to 5 Sprints from our library (German + English)
Enroll up to 10 Subject Matter Experts (SME) per Sprint
Up to 15 Sprint responses per month
Transform Sprint responses with AI and synthetic video
Produce up to 25 minutes of synthetic video per month (cir. 2-3 videos)
Access to 80+ stock avatars
Learner Experience Platform (LXP) incl. access for up to 25 learners
Custom platform, domain and branded video template
Track progress and export analytics
1 Admin seat
2 Content Producer Seats
12 months contract, 1.500€ set up fee

Additonal Services

Custom Avatars (3D, Human)

Bring your leadership team to virtual life with realistic or animated avatars created by our eduBITES avatar production services.

Custom Voice Cloning

Amplify your company's voice with customized voice cloning, allowing you to select from company leaders or dedicated company voices for communicating your learning and messages.

Custom Video Template

Enhance your content with branded video templates tailored specifically for your needs by the eduBITES team.

Add Content Minutes

Boost your capacity for creating synthetic video and audio by purchasing additional minutes.

Custom Sprints

Elevate your project delivery by increasing the number of Knowledge Sprints.

Add Responses​

Increase your discussion scope by adding more 'Knowledge Sprint’ responses to your existing packages.

Add Admins

Expand your management team by adding additional admin seats as required.

Add Seats

Scale up easily by adding more seats.

Dedicated Account Manager

Ensure a seamless experience with a dedicated account manager tailored to your organization's needs.

eduBITES Agency Services

Want more learning, content, access to experts, and support? Our in-house agency has you covered with a range of bespoke services and products. From helping you create professional content to building a custom corporate academy, we’re here to help.

Content Transformation

Revitalize your existing content with our AI-enhanced production process.

Avatar Packages

Amplify your leadership's presence with custom avatars and strategic communication plans.

Access to High-Quality Learning

Engage with our exclusive online courses featuring leading experts.

Bespoke Corporate Academies

Customized solutions tailored to your industry, incorporating online programs, live facilitation, or both.

Bespoke Content Production

Diverse offerings from live video, audio, graphic design, and animation services to building custom interactive learning courses

LX Design and Consulting

Expert guidance to design and refine your learning experiences.

eduBITES is dedicated to make learning happen through the intelligent repurposing of knowledge, engaging content, progressive technology and meaningful didactics.

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