eduBITES closes seed financing of 2.1 million euros ​

eduBITES, an EdTech company focusing on corporate learning, has secured a EUR 2.1 million Seed funding round to help bring their cutting-edge approach to knowledge extraction and transformation to the B2B world. The funding was provided by Redstone – Family Office Schwarzwälder Bote, IBB Ventures, and eduBITES Founder Prof. Dr. Marc Drüner.

eduBITES is targeting the increasing demand for upskilling the employees of corporates by using the latest technology. eduBITES has developed three artificial intelligence-powered suites to make the explicit and tacit knowledge of enterprises visible and accessible. eduBITES solution generates automized, bite-sized, multimodal, and multilingual learning experiences from pre-existing internal corporate content and relevant external information. Enterprises can solve pressing knowledge management problems, such as: offboarding (baby boomer “silver tsunami”) and onboarding, the knowledge transfer from experienced employees to new talents, as well as retraining and upskilling employees.

 In addition, eduBITES provides companies with their own bespoke digital corporate academies, which incorporate and leverage the newest developments in content, technology, and didactics, to create the best learning experiences to drive employee performance.

 ”One of the main reasons for the positive investment decision was the very experienced team, covering a real demand in the market with their elaborated product and service. This will change the way knowledge is handled in organizations”, noted Roman Pimonov and Stephan Schulze from IBB Ventures.

“Marc and his powerful team have developed a sophisticated approach to unlock a highly unstructured market with the help of technology and didactics. Its strength lies in the ease of use, making it highly operational,” says Lars Härle, Partner at Redstone.

“We’re thrilled to have won strong partners, and we believe that our unique approach will be a game-changer in the corporate education space,” said Prof. Dr. Marc Drüner, Founder & CEO of eduBITES.

 This funding will allow eduBITES to stay ahead of the curve in the synthetic and AI explosion in the corporate market.   

Contact Person
Prof. Dr. Marc Drüner
Oberwallstrasse 6
10117 Berlin
+49 151 18440018


eduBITES' Leadership​

(left to right) Conny Lohmann – COO, Justin Beard – CCO, Marc Druener – CEO, and Mark Hansen – CPO


eduBITES is dedicated to make learning happen through the intelligent repurposing of knowledge, engaging content, progressive technology and meaningful didactics.

Leipziger Straße 126
10117 Berlin

+49 151 1844 0018

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